Volunteer Program

Volunteering is an activity that involves selfless commitment to improve the quality of community life in certain areas. It is a hands-on practice, consisting of coordinated actions and joint efforts.

If you wish to combine Spanish-learning with a humanitarian experience, SET IDIOMAS Volunteering Program will provide you with an opportunity that most travelers do not have: getting to know a different social reality and help those in need. This is an incredibly enriching experience for everyone involved!

Helping an NGO based in Córdoba can be both challenging and fulfilling. You may take part in a number of ongoing social projects while you study Spanish in Argentina, enjoying a complete cultural immersion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate and what are the requirements to do so?

Participating in our volunteer program is completely free of charge. The first requirement is that you be a student at SET IDIOMAS.
This means that if you are already enrolled in one of our Spanish courses, you can join as a volunteer for free.

In order to participate in our volunteer program, it is necessary that:

  • You have previously completed a Spanish course at SET IDIOMAS with a minimum length of two weeks (at least 15 hours of individual classes or 20 hours of group classes per week). Starting volunteer work after a few weeks of attending Spanish classes will allow you to familiarize yourself with how everything works, better understand the local culture, meet other students and gain greater fluency in the use of the language.
  • You have achieved at least a pre-intermediate level of Spanish (A2 of the CEFR) when you start volunteering. This level of language will allow you to interact more fluently in Spanish, which will result in a better experience and richness both for you and for those who will receive your help.
  • You have at least 4 weeks available for volunteering in an NGO. This is possible in some organizations, although most NGOs require a minimum of three months to start a volunteer program. Time requirements (and language proficiency) vary from project to project.
  • You be eager to learn about other realities, that you have an authentic openness to interculturality and a genuine desire to help others in adverse social situations.

Why join SET IDIOMAS Volunteer Program?

Because it is a special instance for expanding your professional horizons, while broadening your personal outlook, getting to know another culture, enhancing your skills, improving your command of the language and building an international network of friends, but most importantly, because you will have the amazing feeling of helping others at having a better chance.

Our Volunteer Program addresses local social needs, issues and interests.

What areas of volunteer work are available?

Available sectors

  • Social work with children.
  • Social work with the elderly.
  • Non-formal education.
  • Environmental development.
  • Cultural development.
  • Economic development


An internship is a temporary professional practice that is carried out in a company or organization, in a position linked to the area of study or profession of the interested party, which provides each intern or trainee with significant experience related to their professional future.

Why do an internship in ARGENTINA?

  • You obtain valuable work experience abroad and you add value to your C.V.
  • It improves your level of Spanish and allows you to learn aspects of the language related to the work area.
  • It allows a true immersion in the Argentine culture.
  • Being in a new work and cultural environment, a broader view of the profession is achieved.
  • New employment contacts are established in a foreign country.
  • New skills and abilities are acquired for the future job.

What are SET IDIOMAS internships like?

All our internships have a minimum length of 8 weeks (2 months); none may exceed 24 weeks (6 months). In all cases, the duration will depend on the internship program chosen, and the level of experience you wish to achieve. Therefore:

We select only recognized companies and organizations from Córdoba.

We have fluent communication with the host company throughout the internship.

We regularly follow up on the development of the internship.


  • The intern can combine his/her internship program with a Spanish course (Link to “courses”) in SET IDIOMAS and also participate in recreational activities (link to “recreational activities”) organized by the institution.
  • We can arrange accommodation (LINK to “accommodation”) during the entire period of your internship.

Areas where you can do your internship:

Based on your profile, we carefully select the area and position where you will carry out your professional practice, so that your internship in our country will be rewarding and productive.

Some of the possible areas are:

  • Administration
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Sport
  • Education
  • Gastronomy
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Health
  • Tourism and Hospitality

If your area of interest is not listed above, please contact us at internships@learningspanish.com.ar

Learn more

If you would like to register as a volunteer or intern, please remember that in order to access the program, you need to register as a Spanish student of SET IDIOMAS and by the beginning of the volunteer program or internship, you also need to master, at least, a pre-intermediate level of the Spanish language (equivalent to A2 of the CEFR).