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Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes
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Customized Online Courses just for you!

At SET IDIOMAS, we focus on your level, your personal interests, and your learning objectives.

In our online videoconference Spanish lessons, you will develop all of the language skills necessary to successfully communicate in Spanish.

During the class you will practice listening, talking, reading and writing in Spanish.

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Identical to a Face to face Class

Our online learning platform offers an experience identical to that of a face-to-face class. Once you’re logged in, you’ll have a real-time Spanish class with a native speaking professor from our institute, along with the possibility to interact and send/receive material.

We developed these courses to create the same atmosphere of a traditional classroom course. You will be in an online classroom, with a real native speaking professional teacher.

Certified Courses

Our Spanish courses are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the largest organization in the world responsible for promoting the study and the teaching of the Spanish language and culture.

Most Spanish schools offer a certificate issued by themselves. SET IDIOMAS students are awarded much more than a certificate! At the end of the course, you will receive an official certificate with the endorsement of Instituto Cervantes, stating the language level achieved in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our Spanish Professors

All of our professors have training and university certification in Spanish teaching. Also, they receive continuous training in order to meet the requirements of each student.

Basic & Advanced Levels

All of our Spanish courses (in-person and online) are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for the Languages, the main level descriptor adopted by the EU and most of the Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

The CEFR states 6 levels according to the language proficiency. We offer educational proposals to cater for all levels: from basic Spanish to advanced Spanish. If you want to know your Spanish level, you can do our free level test, just click here.

In-Company Training

We also offer tailor-made Spanish programs for companies. We have long experience in running online in-company Spanish courses.

In order to design business training programs, our specialists first carry out a diagnostic of the specific needs and objectives of the requesting company.

Once the courses are underway, our native speaking teachers will monitor and periodically register the evolution of each student.

Main Features

Just like a face-to-face classroom, but online!


Professional Teachers

All of our professors have training and university certification in their corresponding language. Also, they receive continuous training in order to meet the requirements of each student

Certified Courses

All courses are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the largest organization in the world responsible for promoting the study and the teaching of Spanish language and culture.

Class Recording

This feature allows the students to assess their own performance. At the same time, itencourages the learner to revise the learning content by watching the past sessions ́interactive playback.


Participants can view additional software and multimedia applications by sharing the tutor’s screenwith the students.

Media Player

Learning gets more engaging by using different multimedia materials or sharing You Tube videos during the live sessions.

File Library

The online training content gets rich and engaging by storing and organising various types of learning materials in the cloud-based file library.

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You will both learn Spanish with native speakers in order to develop your conversational skills, improving your grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening-comprehension, pronunciation and phonetics, on so on. All you need in order to succeed in your Spanish proficiency!

Also, you will have at your disposition all kind of activities in our Virtual Campus, specially designed according to your language level.

What is more, with SET IDIOMAS you will access an extensive e-library. Therefore, as soon as you start your online Spanish course, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of e-books written by the most renowned Spanish-speaking writers from both Spain and Latin America.

All of SET IDIOMAS online courses are based on the communicative approach. It means that you will have the chance to learn Spanish through communication in action. In your class, you will not only do grammar exercises but also you will communicate in Spanish using Spanish in real communicative situations of everyday life.

Besides, one more time, you will learn Spanish with a native speaking professional teacher! The best way to learn Spanish online.

After determining your specific level, our coordinators will design together with you a special program that takes into account your needs and expectations, so that you can reach your dream results. In class, you will deal with the right course content according to your needs. If you have special language skills you want to develop, our Spanish Coordinator will design the perfect course for you.

Our online Spanish lessons are not only language lessons but also the best online Spanish classes! With our Spanish courses you will learn a different way of seeing life, a way common to a whole cultural representing more than 450 million people, the second largest language of native-speakers around the world!

In our online Spanish lessons you will live a true experience of language and culture. All of the material used in class deals with the most varied topics about the history and reality of today’s Spanish-speaking world.

Also, the online format is perfect for using in class all types of additional resources, such as multimedia material, videos, original texts, and so on; a real cultural experience conducted by your professor, who will always be attentive to your learning needs.

Your professor will be assigned at the beginning of the course, and will closely follow your learning process in a personalized manner.

Each Spanish lesson is intended to turn your learning experience into a new discovery. In your class you will learn Spanish based on the communicative approach; it means that in your online Spanish class you will practice your language skills in a conversational fashion, learning always something new about Spanish.

Each class will be an opportunity to learn and know about different costumes, beliefs and realities of the diverse Spanish-speaking world, a world made up of 21 countries, all of them different from each other but united by the same mother tongue.

We have a course for each level and necessity.

All of SET IDIOMAS online Spanish courses are thought and designed according to the learning needs and language level of each student. In this way, the language contents of your program are always in accordance with your Spanish level.

It does not matter if you are a basic Spanish student taking the first steps in learning Spanish or an advanced Spanish student who wants to gain mastery.

The contents to be dealt with during the virtual Spanish lesson are specifically designed according to your language level. In the same way, the topics to be developed in class will depend on your specific needs: Spanish in general, conversational Spanish, Spanish with specific purposes such as business Spanish, medical Spanish, Spanish & sports, Spanish & arts, and so on. We can send you a course description upon request before starting your course.

Also, the number and frequency of your classes per week will depend on your learning needs and your time availability, that is to say, you decide the number of lessons per week. In your online Spanish course with SET IDIOMAS, you can take regular classes, intensive classes or even super intensive classes!