Getting ready for CELU, DELE and SIELE exams

If you are interested in officially certifying your proficiency in the Spanish language, DELE, CELU and SIELE certificates are a great option. These certificates are known for their prestige and they are accepted by many organizations, educational institutions and businesses worldwide. The exams are carried out in 900 centers in over 100 countries.
In our preparation courses for DELE, CELU, and SIELE, we cover the contents and formats specific to the level being assessed, and you’ll learn resources and strategies to develop the necessary skills for the exam. For this, we use specific materials and real tests of the corresponding level.
We also provide counsel on which exam best suits you according to your proficiency in Spanish and your academic or professional background.

In Córdoba, SET IDIOMAS is the Spanish institute with the most experience and the best results in exam preparation.

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